"we are what we buy" Prof Colin Cambell

... in the early 80's ,while at a loose end waiting for a flight out of Perth , i found myself in an antique shop putting a deal together for a Didgeridoo and a pair of Victorian engravings of King Billy and Trugannini. They were my first ethnographic purchases , and at the time they seemed no more significant than as a momento of my time spent in Australia's west coast.
In retrospect they were the start of something far bigger in my life !

Later that day, the flight took me to Thailand, and on to India and Nepal.
My mind was awakened to the diversity of Asian art and culture . I was enjoying travelling and persuing my aim to make a living with my camera.
When i decided not to return to Australia's fishing industry the following year , i needed a means to fund my travel , so i started buying and selling , and have been doing so ever since.

This collection is a snap shot of Asianart seen through my eyes . It draws on my enthusiasm, and my experience as a dealer ,rather than great academic study.
I hope you have as much fun looking at it as i have had putting it together.
James Yarrow