Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Interest in the Chinese art and antique market remains at fever pitch here in the UK , with several private collections appearing in the auction rooms throughtout 2010/ 2011, and record prices being achieved on the back of competing mainland buyers .
Long may it continue !

There have also been a few more Elm items of furniture appearing in the London salerooms, I expect this trend to continue though 2011.

There are quite noticably more Chinese scouts about trawling the smaller country auction houses , antique shops and markets , and we've had a number of them here in Honiton looking for Hardwood furniture .

In China recently ,we bought well , better than i had hoped for in fact , but it was noticable that the market for Ming , and Ming style furniture is entering a new stage . Prices for quite ordinary wine tables were double that of a year ago , pushed along by local buyers turning their attension at last to Elm and Walnut in thier pursuit of Ming originals .

In China labour costs are up , inflation is no doubt higher that the official statistics show , and there is great nervousness about Hot money pouring into an already overheating economy this year . So, interesting times ahead !

James Yarrow 22 jan 2011