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Painted Chogtse

Price: 4,500.00

Ref: L1059

A very early four sided Chogtse held together by simple dovetailing .The very basic construction and the colours used, tie this piece in to a series of early Chogtse, similar to those seen plate 21, 22 Wooden Wonders. Serindra publications. The front of the Chogtse has a carved cloud form at its base, the rest of the painted front consists of a treasure vase surrounded by a wealth of green foliage . On either side , and only just visible are a pair of dancing offering goddess figures set against an red background. There are small traces of original gilding visible on the carved cloud form, and around the treasure vase.
The side panels ,once covered in a very think grime have been cleaned to reveal a soft red panel decorated with an overall cloud design. A fantastic find ,17th C or earlier .
The paints used in this piece are mineral pigments. The green is at times laid on quite thick to achieve the desired colour.

62 x 32 x 48 cm