Small painted Chogtse

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Small painted Chogtse

Price: 3,800.00

Ref: CHOG 12

An early Tibetan chogtse with a carved and painted front panel , sitting on cabriole leg.
Made of poplar wood and decorated with a carved flowering Lotus flower . The use and colour of the mineral pigments in the decoration ,along side the style of carving , and the scale of this item help to attribute a date earlier than 17thC , and quite possible as early as the 15th - 16th Century .
Repairs to the carving .1. lower middle .2 far right.

For a similar example ( carbon dated 1480 ~1650 95%) on a slightly taller leg see Plate 14 .Wooden Wonders Serindra publications.
Also Plates 10 - 13 .

59 X 21 X 26 CM

This Chogtse was bought in Beijing in the mid 1990's , and was plastered with thick coatings of modern varnish on top of centuries of dirt.