A ZepacChogtse

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A Zepac Chogtse

Price: 2,800.00

Ref: L1525

A really great find . A small offering table from the 18th C, with a carved ZEPAK panel inset from a very much earlier date . For a Zepac of similar carving and colour see Wooden Wonders pages 196/ 197. The blue in this piece is particularly striking and intense, see WW p.205.
The burn mark to the front is consistent with having had a butter lamp placed in front of the table . The simple open sided chogtse has at a later date been converted so that it now contains a draw .
I would recommend that this , and the other pieces of wood added to make the drawer secure, be removed to restore the Chogtse to its original state .
The carved panel has been extensivly cleaned to reveal bright vivid colours.
82 x 41 x 44 cm