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An early 20thC Kinnara

Price: 850.00

Ref: Kinnara

In Southeast Asian mythology Kinnaras, are depicted as half-bird, half-woman creatures, and are one of the many creatures that inhabit the mythical Himavanta. Kinnaris have the head, torso, and arms of a woman and the wings, tail of a swan.
Her avian half enable her to move between human and mythical worlds She is renowned for her dance, song and poetry, and is a traditional symbol of feminine beauty, grace and accomplishment.
This large hardwood figure comes from Chiang Rai . Thailand and dates from the early part of the 20thC.
Like so many votive figure from this part of the world ,the figure has a number of paint layers ,having been tidied up on a number of occasions over the years
60 x 115 x 36 cm