Huanghuali waisted side table

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Huanghuali waisted side table


Purchased in the mid 1990's in Beijing ,this elegant Huang Huali side table is a classic of Ming style and proportion.
A very similar table appears in Dr Wang's book.B73, where it is discribed as A long narrow corner-leg waisted table with horse-hoof feet and S-curved braces ( tiaozhou)

The elaborate highly positioned hoof foot is attributed to the Ming dynasty by Dr Wang . He also says that this is the only table of this type that he has come across when writing in the 1980's.

By the early 18thC Huanghuali from Hainan island was expensive and hard to come by. The use of veneer was becoming more common, in a bid to control the cost of furniture made in this most desirable wood.
The use of veneer in this piece ,throws up a few questions as to dating.
In the 20thC lots of furniture was being altered for the market, and pieces were made up in newly cut veneers from old wood. A lot of this was going on in the 1980's.
This table does not appear to fall in to this period of production.
The wear on the feet looks genuine and untampered with.
The condition when purchased in the rough ,before cleaning and polishing was consistant with a period piece of furniture.( photographs of the unrestored table on request )
In addition i am not aware of fake and reproduced furniture from the 20thc being offered in anything but a restored shop ready condition.
Having lived with and scrutanised this table for more than a decade i am confidant in attributing an 18thc date

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