A rectangular folding table

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A rectangular folding table

Price: 1,000.00

Ref: E1702

There are a number of examples of tables with removable legs in Chinese furniture design , but i can think of none other than this design where the legs remain attached .
The leg are hinged and fold under to create a Kang when not extended.
The Elm table was black lacquered when made , and traces of the lacquer remain , especially on the underside.
The lacquer has been laid down on to a course vegetable fiber in a technique associated with the Ming dynasty.
The table was bought inTaiYuan in Shanxi province, where i have no doubt that the use of fibre remained in use in some furniture workshops well in to the Qing dynasty.
Regardless of age , this is quite a rare design ,and one that i would recommend to any collector.

Earlier examples can be found in both the Hung , and C.L Ma collections