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Price: 2,000.00

Ref: ANT 0906

A late 19thC Konya kilim from central Anatolia.
The field of this Kilim is decorated with an overall repeating ,and mirrored Elibelinde "hands on hips" motif, which is no doubt the most recognisable Anatolian kilim design element, symbolizing motherhood and fertility.

The interpretation of this and many other Anatolian kilim designs is a rather contoversial field . Many believe the Elibelinde to represent Mother earth ,an earth goddess ,relating it to a Neolithic "goddess cult "associated with the Catal Huyuk shrine on the Konya plain, and thereby directly relating kilim design to an Anatolian culture , rather than that of a slowly migrating Turkic culture from East and Central Asia.

In the late 1980's , archaeologist James Mellaart expounded a thesis of the godess cult and its relationship to Kilim design in his book "the godess of Anatolia ". The book relied on comparison of Mellaart's drawings of wall paintings from the site , and known kilim designs. The work was heralded as a masterpiece, and yet no evidence of the original wall paintings was offered .It was as if book reviewers , dealers and collectors were blind to the inconsistencies , wanting only to hear that they were at the forefront of the most astonishing discovery.
Whatever else it did, the book and all the controversy that went with it , brought Anatolian kilims to the world's attention.
A few voices questioned the work , amongst them Marla Mallett a well know weaver and dealer.Her letter's to the Oriental rug review are well worth a read. www.marlamallett.com/ch.htm
These days much of Mallett's work is discredited as fraud.

Wool on wool , woven in two halves. in good condition with some re-weaves.
Soft pallette and good handle .